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How Does winning over $40,000 Sound?                                       BULLSEYE!!! Play it Today!!
Turbo Jackpot in 4#’s!!
3 x $1,000 12:30 and 4pm!!!
10 x $1000 at 7pm and 10pm!!!
Friday November 28th 12:30pm Session Numbers
Callers: Norm (Early)/ Jeff (Late)
Top Floor/100 Degrees Progressive Jackpot over $18,775!!!
Rama R Jackpot: $2,500 in 38#’s

Toonie Pot: $207

Toonie Plus:  $3,000 in 20#’s

Super Jackpot: $3,000


Rama Balls: 

B12, I16, 

Balls Jackpot: $225

Perfect Balls: $290 in 3#s

Roll Over: $2,000


Players Progressive: $10,000 in 52#‘s

Double Action: 11#‘s for $1,000

* While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied. Always check session program at time of purchase.     

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