RAMA Gaming Centre Mississauga - Call Us: 905-821-7821
Please note that during the summer months we are cancelling the 1am on Fridays – we will have our 1am on Saturdays.
Wednesday July 23rd 12:30pm  Session Numbers
Callers: Norm (Early), Saryn (Late)
Top Floor/100 Degrees Progressive Jackpot over $13,000
Earlybird Jackpot: $2,500 in 51#’s

Toonie Pot: $100


Toonie Plus:  $2,730 in 14#’s

Super Jackpot: $3,000


Rama Balls: $500

 B3, B13, G52


Balls Jackpot: $450



Perfect Balls: $1,500 in 6#’s


Roll Over: $2,000


Players Progressive: $6,448 in 50#‘s

Double Action: 12#‘s for $1,000

* While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied. Always check session program at time of purchase.     

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Bingo is a game of chance!

But there are some ways that you can use strategy to increase your chances of winning

Bingo Strategy #1

Play with more than one bingo card at a time

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Before you walk through the doors of a bingo hall, you may expect to see rows of chipped tables, overflowing ashtrays, cigarettes dangling from lips...you get the idea.

However, Rama Gaming Centre in Mississauga... It's not your typical mama’s bingo hall.

In fact, it is so MUCH MORE!

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It's Super Saturday Night!

Drop by and play one of the play-on-demand games or try electronic bingo using touch screen terminals. Of course, if you prefer the paper method.

Head over and enjoy a drink and a barbecue out on the seasonal patio. (2 photos)

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Turbo Challenge Bingo was back last night at Rama Gaming Mississauga ! (4 photos) ...

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