RAMA Gaming Centre Mississauga - Call Us: 905-821-7821
Thursday April 23rd 12:300pm Session Numbers*

Callers:  Saryn (Early), Jamie (Late)

Earlybird Jackpot: $5,000 in 50#’s

Toonie $100 minimum

Toonie Plus: $4,353 for the letter X in 14#’s

Super Jackpot: $3,000

12:30/4pm: 53#’s

7pm:  50#’s

10pm: 50#’s

Rama Balls: $500

N33, N43


Balls Jackpot: $675


Perfect Balls: $805 in 3#’s

Roll Over: $2,000

12:30pm: 58#’s

4pm: 53#’s

7pm: 53#’s

10pm: 54#’s

Players Progressive: $7,098 in 50#‘s

Double Action Jackpot:
13#‘s for $1,000

* While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied. Always check session program at time of purchase.     

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JACKPOT ALERTS for Wednesday: Roll Over: $2,000 - 57#s @ 12:30pm Session Toonie $705 minimum Super Jackpot: $3,000 - 58#s @ 7pm AND 10pm Sessions And Tomorrow ..... !!! 7pm - $10,000 on 51#s ($2,000 consolation) + 5 X $1,000 10pm - $5,000 on 51#s ($1,000 consolation) + 3 X $1,000

18 hours ago

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Tonight 7pm AND 10pm Super ($2,000) @ 57#s ...... and enjoy a Steam Whistle for $3.50

1 day ago

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Is it going to be tonight???? Numbers are set at 50 for tonight!

7 days ago

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Thursday 7pm and 10pm .... Free Game is now @ 49#

2 weeks ago

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Just under $50,000 could be won @ 7pm AND @10pm ...... are you feeling lucky?

3 weeks ago

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